Friday, November 2, 2012

Go Time!

The special running shirt I ordered for the race!
After months of preparation. The weekend of the marathon is finally here! I am beyond thankful and encouraged by so many things that have happened over this span of time. There is one I would like to share with you today, and more will follow post race! I posted on September 6th about an opportunity the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon offered for participants to share the cause they are running for. I sent in information about Running for Ramie and just learned today that my "Monumental Motivation" was chosen! They will share the story in a series of Monumental Stories that will run along with a promotion for the new 2013 calendar following the event this weekend. In addition, I have been awarded two entries to next years race. The reason I was so excited to hear about this was that it really highlights the reason I chose to run this race. In the sharing of this story, Ramie's life can be honored and God can be glorified. I would appreciate prayers tomorrow during the race and recovery process. If you want to receive text updates when I pass certain checkpoints or just when I finish, you can sign up here in less than a minute! Thanks again and don't forget to wear your shirts tomorrow if you have ordered and received them.  Pin It

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  1. So happy your story was chosen! SO AWESOME!! I love your race shirt too! You're almost done, I'm getting updates and your times look great!! I love you!!