Thursday, August 16, 2012

XT:: Cross Training

Although still in the beginning stages of training, I am really enjoying the cross training I have been able to do. I normally complete long runs on the weekends but additional cardio and strength really helps keep my workouts interesting. The great summer weather we have experienced lately has allowed me to rollerblade, paddle board, kayak, play tennis, soccer, and bike.  Tomorrow I leave for a 60 mile bike trip in Michigan with other Taylor University residence life students and staff. Ramie and I took hip hop for a number of years, and I was able to do some dancing this summer as well as a new favorite of mine, Piloxing. I actually completed a certification course in Piloxing and hope to teach in the upcoming year. Being in my senior year, and also realizing in light of this accident that life is not certain, I have began to dive in to new adventures that I previously delayed.  Ramie always liked to push herself and dedicate time and effort to worthy causes, and I hope that I can honor her life by doing the same this fall.

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  1. Piloxing sounds interesting. Great thoughts about seizing the day!