Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ramie and her Gear

Anyone who knew Ramie well knew she had to have the best gear. Wether it was a heart rate monitor watch or a sharp looking warmup, Ramie would always be sporting the latest and greatest. In my training I have entered further into this realm. I purchased a belt to hold my nutritional supplements while running and was just gifted some wonderful socks from a Chicago marathoner. There is definitely a link between how you look and how you feel. Being a psychology major, I am familiar with research that shows higher test grades correlating with students who dressed up for a test compared to those who wore normal clothing. I think this is true in running as well. Runners want to be comfortable and wear functional clothing, but also find the most streamlined option for doing so. Included in this post are some shots of the gear that gets me excited for running. Pin It

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