Monday, September 24, 2012

20 Miles @ 5 In the Morning !

While Bethany and I have been following similar training plans, our differing schedules have not allowed for any joint runs so far. That changed on Saturday when we found a time, 5 a.m. to be exact, to run 20 miles together. I typically listen to a mix of music, sermons, and TedTalks during my runs but was pleasantly surprised to be able to keep up a 3-4 hour conversation with my running partner. We took a few water breaks throughout and didn't start to really feel pain until the last 5 or so. This may have had to do with the hills on which we finished our route. At any rate, we completed the 20 mile task thanking God for the inspiration Ramie has been, the lovely weather & the support of our community. Here is a post run pic of Bethany and I!

Also, the Marion Chronicle Tribune featured Running for Ramie in an article today. Be sure to pick up a copy and know that we appreciate your continued support! Pin It

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